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Tel2geo.fr iaas is focused on Business continuity plans and procedures, Business Impact Analysis, Data Loss Prevention and risk management. As an innovative website with top notches Service Oriented Architecture as products, the activities performed on this website are : IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and SaaS (software as a service) in addition to Data Sciences and an engineering labor shared on the blog. Some Open Source material and features has been developped for this project to be established, such as collaboration with data.gouv.fr platform.

Tel2geo Blog Mobile Application

Tel2geo Blog Mobile application
Release date : 03/11/2016
Audience :Disseminated, Public
Classification : Public

This mobile application has been designed to view the work related to tel2geo.fr activities and permit to browse on the articles, FAQ , News and contact section on your own android smartphone. The Android application is shared as opensource (GNU) on github. The JAVA source code of this app is shared too. Moreover, the Android app permit to test the software developped such as T2GHTML, and VOCALR.

Tel2GEO Main platform

Release date : 09/2016
Audience :Disseminated, Public
Classification : Public

Tel2Geo Platform has been created mainly to reduce the gap between the business Owner and the Risk analyst, the work available on tel2geo is created for shedding light on the dark side of what technologies or standards are used to protect and ensure the business continuity. Each services are described as it, the business plan and the business canvas is in progress and will be released soon.

Tel2Geo blog

Release date : 19/09/2016
Audience : Public
Classification : Public

The Blog Tel2geo is proposed for the customers and the visitors of tel2geo. This responsive blog permit to communicate the advances on the Tel2Geo projects and features, the multiples parts of the website are for bringing answer on the frequently asked questions , and show off the projects related to tel2geo.fr main Website.


Release date : 01/01/2015
Audience :Public
Classification :Public

This project is a web dev work done in the beginning of 2015. The purpose of this project was to participate to the 5th data connection, the project is a 2 day Website, was using data from ‘La Poste Codes Postaux’, ARCEP (opendata) , OpenStreetMap data and permite to geolocate landline phone number from a french based numbering plan, helped by data correlations. It is free license for sharing, redistributing, and you are free to downlod or check this project here.

Calling Code Data Visualisation

Calling code Data Visualisation
Release date : 10/2016
Audience :Disseminated, Public
Classification : Private

Calling Code is a datavis project created with NodeJS, html, Javascript/AJAX and is free to download here. The data vilualised are the callingcode used by countries,it permit to display the countries information once the country selected is clicked.

VOCALR Voice Recognition In the Browser

VocalR A voice recognition with multiples features
Release date : 2015
Audience :Disseminated, Public
Classification : Public

VOCALR is a Web application, developped as innovating app, it use google chrome latest API technologies to bring up voice recognition in french. The features of this app are multiples, biorhythm, geolocation, Weather.. etc.. I invite you to test that. This app is developped with NodeJS and bootstrap jumbotron template, the source code is here.

Tel2Geo UX-UI Features

VocalR A voice recognition with multiples features
Release date : 09/2016
Audience :Disseminated, Public
Classification : Public

This is the tel2geo presentation, it is designed to describe the User Experience and User interface features proposed on the whole project, addressing to the customers and visitors of tel2geo. The content proposed describes the innovations created for empowering the website user experience and interface. The theme includes custom Awesome Fonts, responsive (latest bootstrap) landing page, fast load for the blog pagespeed etc…

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