ITC Consulting for ASCMV.NET is the french Association Cultural of Muslims of Epinal where i used to work as IT consultant, my job consisted in bringing standards, compliance, and mainly helping the members of the director’s board to reach their objectives in terms of technology, discuss and propose ideas during meetings.

End-User Security Training session

Release date : 01/19/2016
Audience :Disseminated, Public
Classification : Public

At the start of the year,an online training session intended for end-user was given publicly, these training session were provided with a presentation for strict user instructions, risk management introduction, and an incident prevention/detection form. The topics covered by this presentation are the following : secure Browsing, destroying malwares, temporary files/registry cleaning.

Data Visualisation Project

Release date : 09/27/2015
Audience :Disseminated, Public
Classification : Public

A personal project was made fewer before the date announced on the top of this section. This project was to develop an algorithm and a new data-visualisation feature, only for scientific purposes, i tried to apply a cost function and calculate the correlations rate based on words by using R / S language. The project was hosted on gitlab , but once re-thinked i have decided to host it on github , now that any users that wish to collaborate in private or public project could do it. May be there are a lot of collaborative-work coming soon. The website that host the design is here.

Information System's modelizing proposal

Release date : 09/07/2015
Audience : Directors board
Classification : Private

This paper is a proposal regarding the classification of errors into the association environment. This document is trying to draw the specs taken passively by a few month of external observations, unify the skills available and offers tools in order to organise the modeling of the information system. A chapter is dedicated to prevent anxious behaviours with a modeling built by an Oxford’s university research about the neuropsychology of Anxiety.

ASCMV.NET project report meeting
Release date : 06/21/2015
Audience :Firstly ITC team, Directors board, Public website
Classification : Private specs, public content

This presentation was the first job given to me by the IT Team as work. I spent some time to write a spec sheet because it was challenging, indeed another website was already existing in Arabic langage, and my mission was to propose something new built from scratch, by observing and asking to the leading directors and the IT Team what were their views for the project in order to be on the startin’ blocks on time. This document addresses the features on the top of the task-list, in example : social links, ability to read the quran Online, french language, open-source version, ability to share the contents with social-medias links, newsletters, green graphical identity, etc…

ITC Consultant technical sheet

Capture d'écran de 2016-02-04 21-51-15
Release date : 07/14/2015
Audience :Firstly ITC team, Directors board
Classification : Private

This sheet is talking about the roles and the consultings purposes/objectives that involve an ITC consultant into the association. In order to focus and clarify the objectives on what is already done, what we should do, what to avoid, and what we must do.This paper authenticate the job of consultant because it permit to draw the abilities and shores to be shared. However, this document also defines the freedoms for the directors to develop a strategy and organize the information system, it could determine the broad lines of technologies needs.

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